As a Council-owned venue available for hire, the Community Gallery is an accessible and welcoming space open to supporting a variety of arts-based initiatives. Presenting a dynamic and curated program of events, the Community Gallery strives to fundamentally support arts and culture by providing opportunities for artists of all abilities.

Programs in the Community Gallery include opportunities for solo and group exhibitions, workshops, professional development sessions, pop-up activities and collaborative community events.

The Community Gallery provides an important steppingstone for emerging and early career artists and an entry point into professional practice.


Emily McGuire

ADIDAS 2022 | Found cotton T-shirt, cotton thread, 31 x 27 x 20 cm.
Image courtesy of the artist.
community gallery exhibition


4 Mar 2023 — 30 Mar 2023

The exhibition encapsulates the creativity, patience, and social and ethical concerns of its many makers and aims to celebrate the versatility of the textile medium. All works in the exhibition have been selected in response to the theme, ENTWINE, and curated to represent contemporary and traditional approaches to working with textiles.

Want to hire the Community Gallery?

Artists and arts groups are encouraged to submit an exhibition application by accessing the Community Gallery Application Package, with all proposals considered based on their suitability to the program.

Creative practitioners who hire the Community Gallery are welcome to offer work for sale without any commission payable to Council for such transactions.