Perception Deception

Perception Deception

This exhibition has past

25 Feb 2022  12 Jun 2022

Perception Deception
DatesFriday 25 February 2022 to Sunday 12 June 2022
(This exhibition has past)

Does your brain play tricks on you? Is my reality the same as yours?

Questacon’s family-friendly Perception Deception exhibition explores how our sense of ‘reality’ is formed by our brains using sensory information — but our senses can sometimes deceive us!

Perception Deception consists of hands-on and multimedia experiences, each using perceptual tests and illusions to reveal how our brains edit, prioritise and even add information about the things and people around us. The exhibits cover themes of visual, audio, audio-language, tactile and social perception.

Perception Deception investigates how the brain interprets and reports information received from touch, sight and sound. We assume what we see, hear and feel is real, but our reality is really only our perception — and no two of us perceive things exactly the same way.