Make Some Noise

This exhibition has past

22 Apr 2023  16 Jul 2023

DatesSaturday 22 April 2023 to Sunday 16 July 2023
(This exhibition has past)
Times10am — 5pm daily
BookingBookings are not required for families and individuals. Groups larger than 10 people DO require a booking.
AgeAll ages

From crunching chips to tapping your toes, sweeping the floor or listening to birds singing, musical sounds surround us every day. Make Some Noise is a brand-new exhibition for children to explore these everyday musical concepts through hands-on open-ended activities and experiential play spaces.

Invent your own music-maker out of everyday supplies, and experiment with materials to make different sounds. Then test your instrument out on the stage – play a solo, or perform with a group of friends. Design your own way of transcribing the sounds you make: how would your music look if you drew it?

Featuring artworks and videos by local and international artists including Seja Vogel, Matt Hsu’s Obscure Orchestra, Johannes Stjärne Nilsson and Ola Simonsson, Make Some Noise is a multi-sensory program that enables children to discover music creation and appreciation in a multitude of ways.

This hands-on exhibition encourages children to explore musical concepts such as pitch, texture, dynamics, rhythm and timbre, and to consider how music and sound are a part of their daily lives.

Are you ready to Make Some Noise?

Note: This program includes auditory sensitivity triggers.

Toddler Time: Make Some Noise

Toddler Time: Make Some Noise

Friday mornings over June – July 2023

It’s Toddler Time! Join us on a Friday morning for movement, music and making noise!

Make Some Noise, Ipswich Art Gallery, 2023. Photography by Thomas Oliver.