Junior Curators Exhibition

Junior Curators Exhibition

25 Nov 2023  10 Feb 2024

Junior Curators Exhibition
DatesSaturday 25 November 2023 to Saturday 10 February 2024

This summer, we're flipping the script and inviting children to step into the role of co-creators, not just as passive audience members. We believe that children have a unique perspective and are an invaluable resource.

Say goodbye to the traditional top-down approach. Our exhibition empowers children to take the reins and explore their own creativity and curiosity. No more imitating adult artists—this time, it's all about unleashing their own artistic visions!

Developed by a team of Junior Curators, this major exhibition will showcase their incredible talent and highlight their capacity for creative cultural production, critical interpretation, and curatorial innovation. They'll have access to the same professional resources as any adult-curated exhibition. 

Stay tuned as we celebrate the tremendous potential of children as contributors to the art world. Their voices will be heard, and their artworks will take centre stage.


Through a series of facilitated sessions designed to spark creativity and curiosity, our 'Junior Curators' will learn about significant works in the Ipswich Art Gallery collection. Then, in dialogue with Gallery staff, the junior curators will develop the exhibition's theme and decide which works will be shown, how they will be presented and what story they will tell. Provided with space, resources, access, and power, this major exhibition drawn from our collection will be supported with the same professional resources as a typical adult-curated exhibition.

The team of junior curators will work collaboratively with each other over three months to plan, curate and design an exhibition for presentation in Summer 2023/24.

We hope the resulting exhibition will highlight children's tremendous potential as contributors and their capacity for creative cultural production, critical interpretation, and curatorial innovation. Ipswich Art Gallery is committed to developing content and programming that is not just for or about young people but also by and with them.