ARTICULATION: Language, Object, Space

ARTICULATION: Language, Object, Space

1 Jun 2024  4 Aug 2024

ARTICULATION: Language, Object, Space
DatesSaturday 01 June to Sunday 04 August
Times10am — 5pm daily
BookingBookings not required to visit the exhibition
AgeAll ages welcome
Guided tour sessions

A design exhibition that unravels the intricate relationship between language and its profound influence on cultural and social dimensions through objects and space.

Using the three Greek concepts relating to words - 'Logos,' the uttered word; 'Graphe,' the written or codified word; and 'Rhema,' the revelatory word, the designers and artists investigate these connections through the lens of various creative approaches, such as poetry, sculpture, furniture design, lighting, object creation, and rug design.

These concepts form the thematic foundation to provide distinct sections within the exhibition. Using Bliss Symbols, to think, to speak and to write as plinths and structures, this ideographic writing system contributes to the overarching dialogue between the tangible and intangible, spoken and silent, abstract and concrete.

Curatorial: Caroline Austin & Roz De Waal McKenzie
Design: Unlmtd Agency

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