Meet the Maker: Terry Martin

Meet the Maker: Terry Martin

This event has past

13 Mar 2022

Meet the Maker: Terry Martin
DatesSunday 13 March 2022
(This event has past)

Calling Queensland woodcraft enthusiasts of all skill levels!

Join artist Terry Martin as he guides fellow woodworkers through his exhibition, Heart of the Tree, a stunning selection of turned timber vessels and sculptures.

Created specifically for members of woodworking clubs throughout SE Queensland, this free event aims to bring like-minded craftspeople together to exchange tips and ideas. The exhibition walkthrough will be followed by an in-depth presentation and open discussion about the creative process, sourcing materials, design considerations, technical challenges and solutions.

Terry Martin brings a lifetime of woodturning experience, having travelled extensively to research and publish on the origins of his craft. Internationally acclaimed in his field, he has been a member of the Woodturners Society of Queensland since 1988. He is also a member of the Ipswich Woodcrafts Club, and has demonstrated at many of the clubs in the region.